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Am I Disabled?

The Social Security Administration considers a disability to be a mental or physical limitation which is so severe that an individual will be unable to participate in “substantial gainful activity”. The Social Security Administration has a list of general illnesses and medical conditions which it has deemed as severely limiting. If your condition is on this list you may be considered disabled.

If your condition is not on this list the Disability Determination Services Office DDS / BDD will evaluate your disability with a team of physicians, psychologists and other disability specialists who will review your medical records, doctor notes, hospital information and any other relevant data to determine your status. Your medical condition must expect to last 12 months or more or result in death.

The State Disability Determination Services Office (DDS) will also review the amount of income you are currently able to earn. The Ohio Disability Determination Services Office will evaluate if you disability precludes you from performing your current job or any other job. The DDS will decide if you could be retrained to be employed in another profession. The DDS will consider your current age, education, job skills and various factors to determine if you could get other employment.

It may be that you are not able to do any other type of work and are considered disabled. If this is the case, and you meet all other requirements, you will be approved for the Social Security Disability Insurance program. If you have been denied Social Security Disability, you can consult with Disability lawyers who can help you file your Social Security Disability appeal.